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Companies Struggle to Develop Female Leaders

There are distinct perception gaps between genders and among managerial levels in how effective organizations are when it comes to recruiting, developing and retaining women, according to a February 2012 survey by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s

Are women the best leaders?

Last month, the Harvard Business Review published an article entitled “Are Women Better Leaders than Men?” In it, the CEO of US leadership development consultancy Zenger Folkman, Jack Zenger, and the company’s president, Joseph Folkman, found that every one of

Safety in numbers: women still need support to succeed in technology

While some women have clawed their way to the top in the male-dominated information technology sector, others continue to turn to networking and support groups for help, prompting one organisation to call for a national initiative to recruit and retain

Three Ways Women Can Make Office Politics Work for Them

Raise your hand if you hate politics: The shady, behind-the-scenes deal-making. The tradeoffs where neither party is satisfied. The game-playing that leaves us feeling disillusioned. And we’re not even talking about Washington. Office politics have gotten a bad a rap

Could you ditch the 30-hour week?

Carleen Frost speaks to three workers who have managed to adapt their job to better manage the demands of family and the office. Elysha Stephens is a consultant who runs her business part-time from her Central Coast home. "After Max